Daisy Iles

About Me

I make work to communicate my experiences. I work from memory and from observation. Drawing is at the core of my practice. I use it as a tool to capture moments through colour, form and texture. I try to communicate the materiality of things and my enjoyment in them. I draw with collage. I paint from drawings. When I work from memory I start by making a list, I then paint from it. I tend to write the list on a piece of scrap paper which I carry with me. Torn isolated shapes and their edges play an important role in my paintings, they create a collage like aesthetic. I am interested in the process of abstraction. My work is honest and communicates a joy in ordinariness. 

I achieved a First Class Degree from the Painting and Printmaking Department at the Glasgow School of Art and I was awarded the Armour Prize for my Graduate Degree Showcase. 

Please contact me for any further enquiries. 

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